December 3, 2009



•Chosen as number 2 in 10 Popular Weird News Blogs on –

•In September 2015 I had a video post on Facebook go viral and reach over 32,000,00 people. This included over 1,200,000 likes, comments and shares.

•Created a viral fake news story that garnered 600,000 visits in four days and then spread across the world.  Mentioned on the Howard Stern Show, blog, and thousands of other websites, blogs and media sites.

•Currently have my SEO blog listed in the top 100 on

•Achieved number one ranking in Google images for the term ‘cool logos’ search competition for that term is 4,200,000

•Received a ‘Top Pick Knol Award’ and over 4,800 views for my contribution titled; Top Ten SEO Tips

•Owner and sole moderator of a humor and entertainment forum, with over 13,800 members.

•Featured as number four on the home page of

•Attained number one ranking (including site links) in Google for the term ‘Crazy News Stories’ and ‘Strange News Stories – search competition for those terms is 1,690,000  and 1,340,000 respectively.

•Had my site, chosen as Site of the Week by

•Built up a Twitter account for a recent project from scratch to 490+ followers in less than three months.

•Improved organic search traffic by over 30% in both Google and Yahoo! for a client site in under four months.

•Reached front page Google News results for multiple press and news releases for a variety of high competition search terms – including; ‘web directory’, ‘online casino’, ‘health blog’ and more.

•Successfully leveraged a viral video to the first page of, garnering 3,574 Diggs and initially multiplying traffic on, to up to 400 times average daily visits with average traffic eventually leveling off at 6 times pre-launch.

•Achieved number 2 ranking in Google Images for the term ‘hot models’ – search competition for this term is 31,500,000.

•Accomplished positive ranking position moves for highly competitive terms in the gaming industry, including; roulette, online slots, fruit machines and others.

•Accumulated 321 perfect iTrader feed-back over the past few years on DigitalPoint forums.

•Received a Top Viewed Author Award (with over 12,300 views) from Google Knol.

•Seminar co-presenter 2010 IT Show – Virginia – I ran the Q and A portion of our session on the power of search engine marketing for your website.