Don’t Work to Live or Live to Work – Enjoy yourself

One of the most important things I have learned over my career is that if you love what you are doing it hardly feels like work at all!

“One of the best parts of working for yourself is the opportunity to pick-and-choose what work you do and who you do that work for.” ~me

I had the pleasure of working with Standard Auto Wreckers for almost 8 years and it was a very sad day when the business was destroyed by a fire two years ago.

David and Ken Gold have stepped up to the challenge of rebuilding the business they previously ran for 35 years. I am lucky to have a chance to rebuild with them!

Auto recycling is one of the original green industries and the Toronto location with their UPIC (pull your own parts) yard has been an icon for automotive enthusiasts in the GTA and beyond.

What is more delicious than your favourite bread smothered in butter!

A recent journey has also found me working with a company and product I have admired for many years! I have been eating this delicious bread for the past two decades and was thrilled to get the opportunity to consult on this social media project! A four month contract that is ready to expire but who knows what the future holds!

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