Is Facebook Still a Good Value?

There has been a lot of buzz in digital marketing news talking about the issues Facebook has been facing. Many are asking if advertising on Facebook is still a good value? My answer is NO, it is a GREAT value! Advertising and promotion on social media is the long-game, you build up a following of core customers and let them evangelize online for you. Facebook, dollar for dollar still offers huge value.

Organic optimization, Google Adwords, quality website content and all the rest of the moving parts of digital marketing are still important but a powerful social media presence is a must in today’s competitive environment. Facebook still offers a great way to laser target your core demographic and because of the power of ‘friends’ you can reach a similar demographic organically and at very reasonable cost.

Don’t let a bit of bad press influence your marketing decision, base them on what you see with your own eyes and the results you get.

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