The Wonderful World of Choice

I started my career in digital marketing over a decade and a half ago. At the time I was just trying to figure out how to build and market my own virtual properties online, so there was no grand-plan beyond that. During the early days, before any of the buzzwords existed – it was just a few dozen forward-thinking webmasters like myself meeting in online forums like DigitalPoint and sharing our stories of success and failure.

After five years of running my own online advertising business I decided to venture out into the work-world and see if any of my new skills were in demand. At my first interview (and first application) I was hired on-the-spot to work as an SEO analyst at Cryptologic Inc. My previous experience allowed me to hit-the-ground-running and make significant contributions early on. The industry was online gambling and although I support the right for each and everyone of us to choose what to do with our spare-time (and money), I was distressed to learn about all the addiction issues surrounding the industry. After my one year contract was up I decided then-and-there that I would only work in industries that I felt comfortable with and that I genuinely believed in.

The next stop along my way brought me into the automotive recycling industry and a job with Standard Auto Wreckers, specifically working for and with the owner David Gold and the VP of the Green Vehicle Disposal Program, Paul Coon.

My eight years there were marked with many achievements and a rekindling of working in other complimentary marketing mediums like radio, TV and direct mail. Unfortunately my time there was cut short by a one-two punch of the company being bought out by a US conglomerate and also a fire that burned the location to the ground.

Since then I decided to go back on-my-own and have really enjoyed interacting with some wonderful local entrepreneurs, the recent highlights have been working with Angel Kuang from Inspiration Learning Center – Angel’s success story is very compelling and the education industry is one that is growing at a fierce pace.

Another client, Christine Cowern’s Real Estate Team has been an eye-opening look into the local real estate industry that has been red-hot for a long time but has had some cooling off lately. Christine herself is a great example of someone that runs their business with a lot of heart!

Stay tuned for updates on other digital adventures I have had with wonderful clients! It is very calming and exciting to be able to choose your own work.